R44 BMW M3/M4 Tow Strap In Stainless Steel (G80/G81/G82/G83)
R44 BMW M3/M4 Tow Strap In Stainless Steel (G80/G81/G82/G83)

R44 BMW M3/M4 Tow Strap In Stainless Steel (G80/G81/G82/G83)

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The R44 Performance Tow Strap for the G80 M3 & G82 M4 is a functional, great-value and good-looking tow strap with a motorsport-inspired BMW M Tri-colour design. Whether you're doing laps at the track or simply want that race car look, the R44 Performance BMW Tow Strap will make a fine addition to your vehicle.

With the five-axis CNC-machined stainless steel threaded base, our tow straps are highly functional meaning you won't be let down in that critical moment on the track. The strap material is extra-thick and reinforced to easily handle the tension of towing. Having had one or two track incidents ourselves, the R44 tow strap has been flawless in recovering our vehicles from the gravel.


- CNC machined stainless steel construction
- Reinforced strap
- Black strap with M colour stitching
- Five-axis thread
- For motorsport use only


- BMW G80 M3 Saloon (2021+)
- BMW G80 M3 Competition Saloon (2021+)
- BMW G81 M3 Touring (2021+)
- BMW G81 M3 Competition Touring (2023+)
- BMW G82 M4 Coupe (2021+)
- BMW G82 M4 Competition Coupe (2021+)
- BMW G83 M4 Convertible (2021+)
- BMW G83 M4 Competition Convertible (2021+)

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