CSF Radiators BMW E46 M3 Race Spec Dual Pass Oil Cooler 8032 - R44 Performance
CSF Radiators BMW E46 M3 Race Spec Dual Pass Oil Cooler 8032 - R44 Performance

CSF Radiators BMW E46 M3 Race Spec Dual pass Oil Cooler is an essential cooling modification for improved reliability and increased performance, especially on track. With a perfect 'drop-in' fitment for the E46 M3, this oil cooler from CSF was developed in partnership with Rogue Engineering - a high profile BMW tuning specialist - to ensure maximum cooling.

Why are high oil temperatures bad?

When oil overheats, it deteriorates at a much higher rate. This reduces the oil's ability to effectively lubricate vital engine components which puts the E46's S54 at extreme risk of internal damage.


CSF manufactures the most advanced and efficient radiator cores in the industry by using innovative tube and fin technologies with industry leading testing methods to maximise airflow and heat dissipation. These techniques allow CSF to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to radiator technology!


- Replaces OEM unit single-pass design and plastic shroud with a unique top/bottom dual-pass design for maximum surface area and flow.
- “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts factory oil-line connections
- Fully TIG-welded extruded-end tank design vs. OEM mechanically jointed and tack-welded design for superior reliability & durability
- Fits precisely with the contour of the OEM bumper. No issues with aftermarket splitter attachment either
- Turbulated heavy/duty bar/plate design for the most reliable & durable oil cooler available for the platform
- 8 rows of maximum cooling with a high density multi-louvered fin pitch design
- Designed to work with OEM radiator brackets or CSF’s all-aluminium triple-pass radiator (CSF #7058)


CSF-8032 Race Spec Dual Pass Oil Cooler fits the following vehicles:

- BMW E46 M3